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stone calibrating Introduction

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       The establishment and operation of large stone fabrication factory involve large investment and professional technique. Consideration for the following key factors is required:

     Capital investment for land and factory construction 
     Complete organisation structure and good management system
     Bulk purchase of modern production equipment
     Selection of efficient tools, machines and accessories
     ompliance with local statutory requirements and standards
     Effective packing and logistics controlEstablish internal production flow and inspection standards to ensure the quality of stone products
     Sufficient control to stone defective characteristics, fabrication quality and wastage, as well as environmental impacts.
     Hesheng machinery was established in 1980,produce Automatical Bridge Saw.High Efficiency Multidisc Block Cutter.Gantry Block Cutter. Manual Edge Cutting Machine. Special Shape Processing Machine for Countertop.Column...Collection of Polishing Machine and other cutstomize equipment for processing slab and block material.

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